1-on-1 Healing

Healing meditation? Release what no longer serves you! Shane can help assist you in identifying blockages and any challenges that aren't allowing you to feel like your highest self! Contact him for more information on how he can assist you!

Group Sound Healing

Have a private event, retreat, or experience for sound healing? Contact Shane to see what fits in your budget and what type of sonic activation works for you and your vision!

Wellness Areas & Sound Temple Productions

Looking for a wellness area for your festival, event, or retreat? Shane's 6 years of experience and expertise can easily help you craft a vision for your community. Contact him for more information!

"What a life-changing experience. I was transported into other worlds and dimensions. And it literally felt like I was gone forever, yet only an hour passed. Highly recommend." - Brian

"I let go of something I had been holding onto for years. I thought I had gotten over my issues, but there were some specific sounds that really brought it back during my sound healing experience. I could actually feel it leaving my body as the waves of vibrations washed over me. Truly grateful, and forever blessed with this experience." - Justin

"Shane is a extremely talented sound healer. He shares a very unique understanding of sound and vibration! What impacted me most, was his introduction of what to expect from the experience. Few people ever share how to process these types of healings. So blessed!" - Ashanti

"I have never experienced sound in this way. I actually SAW the sound waves, as color with my eyes closed. Felt like I was on a ayahausca journey. And I'm extremely sensitive to sound, this took me to places I never knew existed!" - Mark

"Meditation has never been my thing. I've always had a resistance to it and for some reason Sound Meditation actually made sense to me when Shane held the space for us. He's a gift and completely remarkable in his offerings. Take the chance and experience this man whenever you get to!" - Michelle

"I've always been skeptical of all this esoteric and holistic stuff. I've never believed in it, and for the first time in my life, this completely changed my viewpoint on it. I felt my body melt into nothing, and then I returned absolutely transformed." - Megan

"I don't even have words to describe this except. Just. Woah." - Stell

"You have to experience Shane's sound journey! The gongs, bowls, and every little piece of it teleported me into different locations of the world. I could feel myself tapping into ancient artifacts, memories, and future experiences. Definitely coming back when he is in the area!" - Jonas

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