Artists & Designers

Artists & Designers

Supporting my friends who make some of the coolest art, clothing, jewelry, and awesome products that would be the envy of most!

Anahata Designs & Clothing

Born of a love of traveling, sculpting and leatherwork in 2007, Anahata Designs strives to translate the magic of places sacred into the language of the beautiful West Coast, creating form pleasing, wearable art sculptures that speak to the heart.

Third Eye Pinecones

Third Eye Pinecones are hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest Pinecone – a species which can only reproduce in forest fire – the Knobcone Pine. Our Pinecones are sustainably wild-gathered high in the Santa Cruz Mountains, then carefully dried, aged, and cured, before one single cross-section is cut from the “heart” of each cone. Taking only one cross-section per cone allows the remainder of every Pinecone to be harvested and germinated for seed, helping to ensure the future abundance of this unique species of Conifer. We believe every piece transmits the essence of the tree it came from. It’s our privilege to be able to share this gift with you.

Spiritual Relating

Offering the workshops and seminars encompassing sound healing, breathwork, circling, and interpersonal relating for our communities. Providing the opportunity in sharing the tools for the next level of conscious connection and human evolution!

Silver Sky Imports

Providing one of the largest selections of tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, and accessories in the world!

Meinl Sonic Energy

Offering some of the best gongs, and sound healing instruments in the world! Based and originally hand crafted in Germany!

Tone of Life

Amazing gongs crafted from Poland by Tom Soltron and Abby Sol!

Lotus Belle Tents USA

Glamping to its finest! Lotus Belle tents offers the best products in the glamping industry, with 13ft and 16ft camping tents! Get your's today!

Radiant Hearts LLC

Laser carved 3D designs, all mounted on wood!

Sean Fletcher's Art and Jewelry

Sean Fletcher provides some hand-made art, crafted jewelry wire wraps, and paintings that are one of the top notch items in the world!

Essential Oil Wizardry

At Essential Oil Wizardry, we enjoy Resourcing all pure essential oils & CO2 extracts from all over the world.  We are willing & happy to invest more resources for a considerably finer quality product!  Whenever possible, we select certified organic or wildcrafted extractions.  If unavailable, we only use pesticide-free/unsprayed – quality is of the utmost importance to Dr. Nick and his selection of fine botanicals.  Whenever possible, extractions are sourced directly from the farmers, distillers and small collectives.  Product sustainability & sourcing is considered in all investments.

Herbal Love Essence Skin Care

Vegan, hand made all natural products for your skin, face, and body! Made in Colorado, experience the glow your skin can radiate!

Blissway Tea & Herbs

Blissway Tea & Herbs is here to nurture your internal and external sanctuary, our community and the earth through serving the best herbal products and tea. The Blissway Tea Lounge is a sanctuary for you to relax, recharge, and refresh while enjoying the finest teas and herbs with family and friends! Come anytime for tea, laughs, smiles, hugs, and kick your feet up 🙂 We are here to serve you! ♥

Larva Clothing

High Quality, Hand Built And Screen Printed Shirts of one of the most advanced UV reactive shirts on the market!

Enlighten Clothing

hand crafted art, designs, and visionary art!

Sinns Art & Design

Sinn's designs begin with a drawing done on paper. My drawings are influenced by my Thai heritage and the intricate line work & sacred geometry in the Thai temples. My art reflects my belief of, and devotion  for Buddha and all the Deities. The pencil drawings are converted digitally into silk screens and screen printed using traditional printmaking techniques with custom mixed inks for each unique design.

Chris Saunders Art & Clothing

Visionary art from one of the most talented brother's on the scene!

Third Eye Tapestries

A collection of some of the best visionary artists in the transformational festival community. Supporting local and regional artists, while also benefitting less fortunate children in their pursuit of their talents and education!

RAV Vast

RAV Vast hand pan steel drum from russia