Festival Productions & Yoga Studios

Festival Productions & Collaborations

A honor it is to serve with these festival experiences over the past six years! I have met and co-created with so many blessed souls! Such an opportunity to share!

Bhakti Festival

Kirtan, Yoga, world music, healing meditations, workshops on divinity, you couldn't ask for more! One of the largest yoga festivals in Southern California, Bhakti festival brings you some of the brightest and most devoted modalities of sacred unity. Offered in the heart of Joshua Tree, come join what some in the community know as one of the best festivals in the transformational community! Come be in the Bhav!

Symbiosis Gathering

With over 10 years of collaboration with some of the best visionary artists, musicians, DJs, and more, Symbiosis is a standard that few have been able to match. With venues all across California, and experiences sewn into the hearts of all attendees, it is of no wonder why Symbiosis has had the success in the transformational festival scene. Backed with an amazing production, find your next adventure with us! 

Lucidity Festival

In the hills of Santa Barbara, a tribe gathers to celebrate the universe, our ancestors, and our path here as human beings on this planet. Come immerse yourself in the ethos of Lucidity's dream and bring the fractalization of your unique offering to share with a plethora of some of the world's most talented artists, musicians, healers, and gate keepers. Come dream awake our reality!

Desert Hearts Festival

HOUSE. TECHNO. LOVE. One stage. One Sound. One tribe. Join Shane's Healing Sanctuary as we transport you into the woodlands of the Los Coyotes Reservation with the crews of all the Desert Hearts community. Voted one of the best festivals on Fest 300, you will find a plethora of fancy, fun, and sparkly ponies to dine with for the weekend!

Lightning In A Bottle

LIB is one of the largest transformational festival experiences. With over 30k attendees from all over the world, you can find a mixture of yoga, meditation, music, sound healing, and so much more in the Northern California Hills. Join us and leave it better!

Oregon Eclipse Gathering

Honoring the Solar Eclipse in Oregon, this festival achieved a feat unlike any other. By combining the efforts of over 13 festivals from all over the world, a vision of so many cultures, perspectives, and peoples was brought together in celebration of humankind. We gather once more year after year at this beautiful environment of love, laughter, and community! 

Boogaloo Mountain Jam Festival

Charlie the Unicorn, Dirty Beetles, Namaslay Healing Sanctuary! Find this and an assortment of CA's finest DJs and musicians offering the best in house, techno, and bass music. Nestled in the mountains of Orange County, this is one of the best festivals in southern california!

Shakti Festival

Come honor the sacred feminine with us in Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Bringing together kirtan, yoga, meditation, and sacred devotion to our beloved community, you are guaranteed a weekend of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. With Shane leading the sound temple experience, you are bound for some of the best sound healers CA has to offer!

Beloved Festival

World music, redwood trees, tribe gathering! Join us in Tidewater Oregon with one of the best festivals on the West Coast. For over 10 years, Beloved Festival has been crafting a experience that is so unique, so heart throbbing, that the only way to know why everyone says "its the best festival of the year" is to go find out for yourself! 

Further Future Festival

Our mission is to create space for the exploration of the further future. The further future represents what can happen after what is predictably next. Setting our focal point further than the future supports two important concepts for our organization. First, the opportunity to question the values and assumptions of how things are today and in the foreseeable future. Second, everyone has the opportunity to shape the further future.

With the first two years behind us and a mission and set of values to guide us as we move forward, we are now focusing on the evolution of the Further Future concept. We will use the time to explore and experiment with various alternative forms the Further Future concept and values might take, and we look forward to experiencing them with you in the coming year.

V Elements Festival

San Diego's festival showcasing a sustainability model to benefit all communities. A one day festival meant to help raise consciousness thru workshops, yoga, sound healing, and permaculture to empower communities to really take charge of their ability to transform their environments surrounding them to better serve the planet. Such a blessed experience to co-create with all these vibrant and beautiful souls!

Great North Festival

We strive to provide a unique and diverse event with equal focus on both music and visual art; an event where artists from around the world can gather and perform in an intimate setting, deep in the woods of Maine.  Our pledge is to bring music, arts, and opportunity for adventure to the state of Maine in order to provide a platform to help strengthen our community.

Stilldream Festival

Hidden in the mountains and tucked away next to a beautiful river's pass, you can find bass music, camping, and hikes that are absolutely captivating to the eyes and ears. Found in Belden, CA a weekend of festivities, fun, and connection await you with Stilldream's community!

Serenity Gathering Festival

Serenity Gathering brings you a co-creation of bass music, theme camps, and musicians ready to entice all of your senses. Coming to its 5th year anniversary, you are guaranteed a weekend of transformation!

Emerald Exchange Festival

Bringing the energy and intention of the green triangle from Northern CA, Emerald Exchange brings together farmers, dispensaries, and many others to offer everything from CBD oils, hash edibles, marijuana flowers, and so much more to serve the community. Definitely come experience this one in a life time opportunity!

One Love Festival

Found in Lake Perris, One love is bound to be an upcoming festival to be talked about for ages. Combining so many different tribes and theme camps, there is opportunity for everyone to find what they are seeking. 

Enchanted Forest Gathering

Tucked away in the redwood forest of Laytonville, CA, the Black Forest Ranch brings a unique experience to Northern California's communities. A eclectic mixture of world music, headlining Dj's, and visionary artists galore. 

Conscious San Jose Festival

A one day yoga festival in the heart of San Jose. A collective intention of yoga studios in the city, they bring a fresh breath of air for the communities of San Jose. Fundraisers, charitable events, and giving back is what its all about!

Splore Festival

Located outside of Auckland, New Zealand is a festival right on the water immersed in the forest of kiwis'. A beautiful gathering of music, festivities, artists, and amazing art! Come experience what New Zealand has to offer in the festival scene!

Lost Paradise Festival

Every year for new years, Australia hosts one of its best festivals right outside of Sydney. Taking the experience thru the outback, you will find stages upon stages of fun filled world music, live bands, and fabulous Djs. What a blessing it is to share vibrations with the people of Australia!

SpiritWeaver's Gathering

With a Sun and Moon phase for the gathering, this all women's gathering is for the sacred feminine to connect, focus energies, and clear space from all of the entanglements of the world. Empowering the goddess flow, bringing womb clearing, and healing the matriarchy is what this is all about!

Youtopia Festival

YOUtopia is San Diego’s official Burning Man regional event—a 4-day camping and arts regional “burn" celebrating the culture and principles of Burning Man. YOUtopia takes place at the La Jolla Indian Campground. 

Elements Gathering

Changing lives, creating community. We are the new paradigm. We cannot go back to the Stone Age and cannot go forward along the current route of society. The bright path awaiting our footsteps merges ancient wisdom with modern innovation to usher in a new era of beauty, abundance, harmony, love and ecstatic joy.

Yoga Restival

Deepen your Yoga Practice - Inside Liberty Advance’s beautiful practice room we plan to have several yoga classes daily from a variety of yoga teachers and styles, morning and evening. Enjoy classes on hooping, thai yoga massage, trigger point therapy, and essential oils. Listen to discussions on Ayurveda and Tantra. Learn some new dance moves - That’s right, we are offering a dance workshop to help inspire you to shake up your routine and try a few new moves! Bust them out at one of our night-time dance parties! in-between, RELAX! We have a saline pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen with a healthy meal plan available for purchase, outdoor showers, camping, glamping, nature hikes, meditation cave, stargazing and so much more to enjoy together!

Genius Loci Festival

Genius Loci started in 2012 as a surfing adventure, south of the border which evolved into a beautiful and intimate beachside festival. Now into its 6th year, the team behind genius loci is looking to continue creating magic by building a bridge between the surfing, music, and yoga communities of baja norte and socal.

Burning Man (BRC)

Burning Man is a network of people inspired by the values reflected in the Ten Principles and united in the pursuit of a more creative and connected existence in the world. Throughout the year we work to build Black Rock City, home of the largest annual Burning Man gathering, and nurture the distinctive culture emerging from that experience. The hub of this global network is the 501(c)(3) non-profit Burning Man Project, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Portal to a New Earth

Hosted at the magical boulder gardens, we offer a variety of sound healing journeys, workshops, and yoga, on all aspects of creating the new earth paradigm. There are events sat. and sun., sunrise meditations, ceremonies, and so much more for both days. 

Yoga Studios

I am honored to be able to share, co-create, and envision a new world on this planet earth with all of these beautiful souls, vibrations, and game changers in the industries I have been blessed to flow with! So grateful for their presence in my life!

Mandala Yoga Studio

Mandala is a new yoga and wellness center dedicated to nurturing and furthering personal and collective soul growth. We are a community of teachers, students, artists, healers and musicians in the fields of yoga, meditation, wellness, music, art and soul development. We have a common mission: coming together in service to the planet, each other and to  support humankind’s evolution. Mandala is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, wisdom and compassion on this planet through sharing the sacred science of Yoga and other sacred wisdom and healing traditions. We are committed to working with and supporting other individuals,  groups and non-crofts that are working for social and environmental justice.

Wanderlust Studios

The bedrock of Wanderlust Hollywood is yoga - from many diverse traditions. We believe that a well seasoned yogi is a well rounded person - supported by a stimulating, open-minded community.  To that end, we offer up a rich menu of experiences from concerts to nutrition, meditation to film screenings, wine tastings to kombucha making. Through sharing practice, food, and ideas, community forms and thrives. Our Center, like our transformational festivals, brings together experts, techniques, and recipes for living that guide your journey toward a mindful and inspired life — to finding your true north. We look forward to communing with you.

Yoga Soup

Yoga Soup is one of my favorite studios to call home in Santa Barbara. With a beautiful energy and space, its a sanctuary in the middle of the city. Their community has lovingly supported my offerings for sound healing experiences. Eddie & Luca do such a good job running the space, and are absolutely heart-wide open for their service to the community!

Divinitree Yoga Studios

With locations in Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz, Divinitree was one of the first yoga studios I had the pleasure of connecting with and supporting my vision for more sound healing for the world. If you would ever be passing thru these two cities, please stop by and pay them a visit. Some of the best instructors, yoga, ecstatic dance, and holistic opportunities you can find on this side of the west coast of california!

Bhakti Yoga Shala

When it comes to sacred devotion, Bhakti Yoga Shala brings it all under one roof. This donation-based studio in the heart of Santa Monica has brought so much love, light, and discipline to the Santa Monica communities. Having hosted artists and practitioners of the sacred healing arts from all over the globe, you would be best to find yourself in their presence. Make no mistake, this is one of the best Los Angeles has to offer!

Full Circle Venice

Revolution starts within and emanates out. Full Circle is a spiritual community center located in the heart of Venice Beach that offers a curation of activates that bring together like-minded people. Seekers of all backgrounds gather at our 111-year old temple for spiritually centered classes, mindfulness workshops, group meditations, music happenings, and art occasions. We hold space for those seeking inner-growth and community connection. Full Circle is the organizational heartbeat of an emerging culture that units mind, body, and soul by empowering people from all beliefs and backgrounds to be the brightest versions of themselves. With a fresh approach to spiritual practices, our mission is to transform lives by co-creating spirit in community. We are empowering a new generation by bringing together people and practices that will activate personal growth and allow a ripple of transformation in our culture and community.

Olive Yoga

Personalized private yoga, workshops, meditation classes and more. 

Current schedule is listed on www.oliveyoga.me and Mindbody Online at the Olive Yoga store.

Santa Cruz Yoga

Santa Cruz Yoga is one of the best studios I've gotten to share my sound waves @ in California. One of the oldest studios in Santa Cruz, the acoustics are amazing, the people and community are great, and its run by some absolutely business oriented and beautiful souls. You won't regret stopping in and dropping into their container!

Be The Change Yoga

Be The Change Yoga Studio based in San Jose, CA is by far one of my favorite studios. With Taraneh at the helm, she has carefully and methodically guided the vision of her donation-based center to offer healing, yoga, and so much more to her communities! If you are ever in the area, please make sure to stop by there and say hello!

Ritual Yoga

Nestled in the heart of laguna beach, Ritual Yoga hosted some of the best practitioners, healers, and workshops the city has to offer. Led by the amazingly talented, Ava Levine, this space was the envy of many healing opportunities for rest, relaxation, and restoration!

Namaste Studios

One of the first studios I ever shared at, Namaste Highland Park holds a special place in my heart. Vanda has poured her heart and soul into the business of wellness for her communities, and I would support her in all the ways that I can! I am so blessed for their offerings for my sound healing and sharing with the world. Some of the best yoga you can find and voted one of the best in Highland Park! Come share space with us!

Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala

When it comes to devoted and dedicated yoga practice, look no further at Diana's contribution's to the Dana Point community. One of the blessed gems of the city, you can find everything you need from the teachers, healers, and sacred practitioners of this studio. They bring so much love and heart to all of the healing practice you could muster. Definitely stop thru here and check out their sweet space!

Free Spirit Yoga

FreeSpirit Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioner as well as for people just getting started with their first yoga class. We are a friendly neighborhood yoga studio that welcomes everyone from the surrounding areas. Please scroll through the pages of this website for our schedule of classes and workshops, We look forward to teaching you Yoga and Pilates classes and being a part of your Health & Well-being!

ASANA Fit Yoga

In the heart of San Clemente, you'll find Bruce and Jessilynn's vision for wellness and health for the community. A beautiful space well placed in downtown San Clemente, offering such a wide variety of yoga, sound healing, and teacher trainings, they are a leader in their city and I would welcome anyone to go support them in their cause for the world!

Yogaworks Hollywood

One of the more corporate and well known yoga studios in Los Angeles, I have had the pleasure and honor getting to share in Reiki Sound Healing experiences with their studios. Plentiful opportunities await you with all the classes and seminars they offer for the community!

Sacred Roots Healing

Long beach has such a great offering of healing when it comes to Sacred Roots. Founded as a collective of healers wanting to share in opportunities to support their community, look no further when it comes to such a wide array of healing modalities. 

Bird Rock Yoga

Pacific Beach has an amazing studio in the heart of the area. Bird Rock Yoga is a beautiful container for yoga, health, and wellness that is offered to the community. They bring such a diverse energy to their people by offering so much knowledge, healing, and spiritual pursuit of oneness!

Forward Fold Yoga

Matt's dedication to his community in Encino is unparalleled. He and his wife have brought such a peaceful and harmonious space to the people of Encino in their love for spreading the yoga vibes as far and wide as possible. Definitely take the opportunity to stop in and say hi to them!

Mystic Journey Bookstore & Healing Studio

Mystic Journey Bookstore is the largest Metaphysical Hub in Los Angeles for sacred, magical and supernatural necessities for meditation, yoga, and decorating your home sanctuary. We have one of the best collections of Healing Crystals & Stones, Spiritual and Visionary Books, Incense, Candles, Sage, Palo Santo, Statues, Singing Bowls, Jewelry & Gifts in Los Angeles.

Yogaraj Studio

We believe in yoga. Yoga lifts your spirit, opens your heart, sharpens your mind, nourishes your body, and provides a much needed training ground for the everyday trials of being human. It is our experience that nothing is a bigger catalyst for positive change than the committed, regular practice of sitting at the center of your own undivided attention. We very much look forward to sharing the experience of yoga with you.

Breathe Together Yoga

Located in Los Gatos, CA we make it a point at Breathe Together Yoga to make yoga accessible for everyone: from those with chronic conditions and injuries to those whom are physically apt to those who are somewhere in between. We offer the most diverse range of classes in the South Bay with 90 classes a week in a variety of styles of yoga, Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, Breath and Meditation as well as body work available in our Wellness Center. We also serve nutritious drinks and snacks at our Mandala Tea House. Our classes accommodate a range of practitioners so we are sure to have a class to fit your needs!

Live Lotus Yoga

San Jose's city has such a blessed offering of yoga studios and facilities. This space has a great offering of teachers, meditations, and sound healing by one of my favorites, Mark Quijano. If you are ever in the city, definitely make sure to stop by here and take the opportunity to take one of his classes. You won't regret the experience!

Salt Cave Santa Barbara

One of the hidden gems of Santa Barbara's downtown area. This man-made salt cave has a multitude of products, offerings, and healings from the spa and salt cave itself. The largest salt cave in north America, it is a treasure to be witnessed and experienced. If you are ever in town, make sure to stop by!

Create: Yoga Studio

Create Yoga has one of the best acoustics in the Los Angeles area. What was once a warehouse has now been transformed into a beautiful treasure to offer healing, meditation, yoga, and so much more to the Santa Monica areas. The communities would benefit from this new yoga studio and I am blessed to be able to share there!

Vibe Yoga

In the heart of silicon valley, Redwood city has an amazing space tucked away in the suburbs of the area. With such a devoted crew, this space offerings some great yoga teacher trainings, sound healing experiences, and yoga classes fit for any level. If you find yourself in the area, make sure to drop by and check it out!

Body Temple Yoga

Body Temple Yoga™ is an alignment based and heart-centered Hatha yoga practice led by Daniella Ambika Cotreau; artfully using precise structural alignment with fluid movements, breath awareness and some chanting with a strong emphasis on the opening of the heart.

Triad Yoga & Pilates

Triad Yoga and Pilates is such a offering to the Irvine community. Orange county has such a beautiful place for serving the yoga and pilates modalities for those who would request it. You can't go wrong when dropping into your asana's at this space!

Cardio Barre Pilates

Cardio Barre® is a unique, high energy/no impact exercise class that combines barre work and lightweights with continual fat burning motion. Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the butt, legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body

One Life Yoga

At One Life Yoga, we believe yoga is for everybody and every body. We are committed to sharing the benefit of yoga’s physical and metaphysical practice with all.  We are honored and excited to offer this through our classes, workshops, retreats, coaching and the community lifestyle we intend to co-create with you. Our style and philosophy is an integrated, non-dogmatic expression of yoga. We are influenced by a study of various modern Hatha practices including vinyasa and Ghosh lineage postures. We practice an "all of the above" approach to yoga - physical poses intertwined with the benefit of breathwork and meditation - and invite you to enter from any point you like: physical, spiritual or pure curiosity. We are excited for you to see how a 75 minute class, 3 times a week can change your life forever, and we know because we have lived that experience!

THT Studio

THT Studio is a Spiritually driven Yoga studio that offers both emotional, physical growth,and healing through the practice of sound, yoga, and meditation.

The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio offers aerial and traditional yoga in Campbell and San Jose. Classes include aerial, vinyasa, gentle and hatha yoga.

Hot Vibes Yoga

Looking for Hot Yoga? Well look no further! Newport Beach has a cleverly amazing space in the beach town awaiting your body, mind, and spirit. Nestled right on the beach front, its facility houses a beautiful infrared yoga room, incased with a wall of himalayan salt! Come sweat it out!

Beach House Yoga

​Welcome to Beach House Yoga! We invite you to step away from the craziness of everyday life and discover your zen within. Whether you want to find your center through meditation or sweat it out in a more intense workout environment, we have a class for you. Check your stresses at the door and join your new judgement-free, laid-back home away from home within the Beach House Yoga community just step from the soothing sand and surf of Manhattan Beach.

Montecito Yoga

Montecito Yoga offers a variety of classes from slow flows, restorative, yin, vinyasa, hatha, and a multitude of energies fit for your yoga practice. Join us in the Montecito area for this highly coveted spiritual and disciplined space for your practice. 

We Love Yoga

Expanding awareness through the ancient practices of YOGA. Connecting the mind, body, heart, soul, in community. WE are a unique neighborhood studio offering a variety of classes: Hatha, Kundalini, Tao, Tibetan, Restorative and Kids Yoga; Feldenkrais, Sacred Dance. WE offer Community Events, Workshops and Wellness Sessions. WE also offer our studio to host groups.

Yogaworks Los Feliz

One of the more corporate and well known yoga studios in Los Angeles, I have had the pleasure and honor getting to share in Reiki Sound Healing experiences with their studios. Plentiful opportunities await you with all the classes and seminars they offer for the community!