Sound Healers & Yoga Instructors

Sound Healer Co-creations

Artists, healers, and visionaries who are changing the world one person at a time! So honored to share space with fellow lightworkers!

Avatara Levine

Ava has been teaching and facilitating yoga, meditation, sensory/sound therapeutics, and the mystic arts joyfully for over 10 years. Working as a massage therapist with doctors in pain management and rehabilitation studying nutrition, using crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, gems, and intention coaching in her holistic practice. Then working at the Chopra Center assisting the director of operations, and aided Panchakarma (detox) clients and guided meditation, mantra, and mudra.  She is currently 500hr+ certified Yoga instructor through Prajna Yoga in Sante Fe with Tias Little, Cloud Nine Yoga in Laguna Beach, and received certification for Aerial Yoga and & Restorative through Atmosphere Yoga. A pioneer in the sensory and sound healing yoga world, floating aerial meditations realm, and a new creative artist in VR/AR meditation and educational scripting. Ava is also a certified Healing Touch therapist and Reiki practitioner. A frequency/ energetics healer (crystals, colors, sounds, aroma, geometry), sacred space designer, ceremonial costumer, dancer, and fire performer. She taught, curated art, and assisted in managing and creative development for Ritual Yoga as co-owner for over 6yrs.  She is honored to now be teaching and performing at studios, festivals, retreats, and private venues across California and the U.S. Spreading and igniting positive change during times of ascension. Healing the body, mind, and spirit while igniting grounded states of natural ecstasy through the senses… is Avatara’s path as a Djedi Sensory Artist

Lucinda Loves

Lucinda Loves is an Intuitive Healer who specializes in channeling the presence of unconditional love. She shares a multi sensory experience that utilizes aromatherapy, crystals, a biomat, her voice, singing bowls, tribal drumming, tuning forks and various other sound healing modalities to guide the body into deep relaxation while opening your heart to experience more love. Through the use of sound & love, a safe space is held allowing for full integration of healing in the present moment. This, along with her deeply extensive and intuitive understanding of the energetic system of our beings has brought into existence a profoundly transformational form of healing. Over the years she has studied with several shamans as well as completing her certifications as an NLP master practitioner, Reiki & Sound Healer, Life Coach, Motivational Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence coach, and Health & Nutritional coach. Lucinda is passionate about expanding consciousness, inspiring and empowering, & raising the collective vibration to a higher frequency. 

Lynda Arnold (Divasonic)

Lynda Arnold is a certified Sound Healer, Musician, Composer and seasoned Performer on a life long mission to build healthy communities through the power of sound and music. She offers sound healing workshops, private sound baths and singing for wellness sessions in Long Beach and surrounding areas. Her intention is to provide a gateway for people to reduce stress, transform consciousness and heal through sound and meditation. She received a Certificate in ‘Sound, Voice and Music Healing’ at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2011. This ground breaking program designed by voice healing luminary, Silvia Nakkach, featured a dozen visiting teachers specializing in different SoundHealing techniques in addition to Silvia’s Yoga of the Voice training and repertoire. After the yearlong program, Lynda went on to study Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing with master practitioner and educator Suren Shrestha. She also holds a Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 certificate. Her private sessions combine the Tibetan Bowls with other acoustic instruments like tuning forks, chimes and flutes. She works with people to unlock the power of their voices for well-being with simple exercises to build confidence in the instrument we all possess.

Elias North & Kadija'Maa (Avatara Rising)

AVATARA RISING is the healing music of KADIJA`MAA and ELIAS NORTH based on principle and Pythagorean Tuning to A=432hz: the fundamental and natural Frequency of the earth that activates your potential to follow your heart and dreams and unlock your inner wisdom. AVATARA RISING is calling you to raise your consciousness and awareness. To remember who you truly are. An expression to be more centered and focused on the frequency that vibrates through the cosmos and you: Agape Love. From ancient Hebrew Mantra´s to the toning of sacred words and syllables in light language - all encompassed by spacious music of Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer or Flute will bring you deeper into the vast consciousness of the now-moment. Kadija'Maa, Healing Voice and Kum Nye Teacher from Berlin and Elias North, gold & platinum awarded musician, songwriter, producer, workshop author and sound alchemist, will take you with their music of AVATARA RISING on a transcendental musical journey you will never forget. No matter what the World presents you - trust your heart and follow your joy and dreams.

Eric Matthew

Eric Matthew Sedorovitz is a longtime musician who has acquired an amazing collection of the world’s most sacred healing instruments from ancient Tibetan Bowls to handmade German Gongs to 432 Tuned Crystal Bowls. With these tools he creates a deeply meditative, dynamic journey of sound that marries both ancient and modern sound healing practices for a vibrationally uplifting experience that transcends the conscious mind and brings the listener into an effortless state of peace, bliss, and gratitude.

Sara-Eleanor Yarborough (Kosmic Koala)

Sara is a world-traveling Sound Healing Practitioner, Raw Foods Instructor, and Holistic Health Counselor serving the Pacific NW, Southern California, the Midwest, and Europe. She has trained and toured with some of the world’s top sound masters, and trained over 500 raw chefs in pastry, nutrition, and fine dining. Currently she serves the metro Portland area sharing the bliss and power of gong meditation, distributing gongs and various instruments, and runs a raw vegan superfoods company. Her sound meditations marry the arts of sound meditation, mindfulness, shamanic clearing, poetry, mysticism, kundalini yoga, and improvisational music using a variety of ancient and modern healing instruments played concert-style. These meditations are crafted with the intention to gently crack open and clear the heart in an energetically protected space, allowing the mind to dissolve and giving the listener the opportunity to create community and love within themselves. This self-love radiates out to positively influence our external environments and loved ones, raising the vibration of our relationships to increase communication, relieve stress, and increase harmony in one’s life.

Lisa Lippincott (Gongster)

Gongster's Sound treatment is a personal journey that touches the delicate Strings of our soul. It awakens spanless creative powers in us...It changes us, our lives and the lives of people around us. When we are in harmony, our health returns, our light shines, we become centered, and awake. Harmonics and frequencies raise our consciousness here on earth and dimensions beyond. Lisa has her Certification and Degree in Sound Healing. 2016. 500 hour Yoga Teacher. The Medicine Wheel. 2008. Meditation Practices with Durga Ma (4 years) 2003 and was a Corporate Pilot 1987-2010.  

Christa Galactica

Heralding from Long Beach, CA.....Christa Galactica is the embodiment of Shakti energy. Serving yoga, sound healing, and a plethora of artistic pursuits, Christa is a beautiful vibration sharing in all things healing for the world. Bringing her expertise of years passed, she carries with her knowledge of ancient rites, healing ceremonies, and offerings guaranteed to assist you in shifting your vibration! With her contributions to Love Long Beach festival and free yoga on the beach, definitely make sure to drop-in and see Christa!

Daniella Windsong

Traversing this world and others, gaining tools & wisdoms from ages before of the highest frequency Daniella Windsong guides and serves in vibrational healing, and centered open-heartedness. Daniella Windsong channels Spirit through the modalities of Server of Sacred Sound, Song Carrier from cultures worldwide, Women’s Wisdom Web Weaver, Healing Energy Channel, amongst many other paths. Tuning into the energies around her, she channels the vibrations whispered to her from spirit guides & behind the veil to facilitate healing through the movement vibration brings. Working with crystal singing bowls & Tibetan bowls, gongs, guitar, vocal channeling, bells, kalimba and various other instruments, Daniella intends to create a Soundscape for you to come into your center of connected remembering. May we walk this path together… and remember.

Sarah Surrenders

Sarah Surrenders is a Montreal based intuitive healer who uses sound as her medium to channel love and light. She facilitates and holds Sacred Space to allow people to journey within, empowering them to remember their roles as their own greatest healers.  Sarah Surrenders works though the power of sound, vibration, frequency and energy to bring people back into their natural state of resonance. Having first healed herself both physically and emotionally, she now reminds people of their own capacity to heal themselves. Combining and merging various energetic/healing modalities Sarah facilitates the healing process by drawing on her intuition, life experience and extensive training. Sarah leads retreats, workshops, group sound baths both locally and internationally. She is passionate about sharing the power of sound and has trained 45+ students one on one.  Her main specialty is working  one on one in private sessions to help empower and to restore balance and harmony on all levels. Surrender and allow Sarah to assist you in amplifying your resonance field.   


Starting his music and sound quest with the spirit of yadaki ( didgeridoo) ; he was nestle in the arms of Mama Shasta , there being gifted his first tree tube . Self taught and inspired by fellow magicians , That first gift evolving into the dynamic, rhythmic, deep tones and forest bounce that soar through him, as Vayu the serpentine wings he rides on today. First taking his talents on the road as a wandering air nomad through the states , central , and South America Holding space and sound healing in ceremony and sound healing caravans. Traveling now and again yet Now making his nest in the Nevada city /Yuba river dream land where he has started crafting his own didgeridoos and co creates tribal jazz music ,soundscapes , and sound bath meditations. Giving the gift of sound and the healing it facilitates is now a practice and passion.

Sunny Quetzalcoatl

Bringing the ancient practices of his tribe, Sunny shares some of the highest vibrations of love, sound, and light. Holding a immaculate space of didgeridoo, shakers, gongs, flute, and so much more, Sunny can create a soundscape that transports you into the multidimensional frequencies of space and time. Uniting energies of the past, present, and future, he shares all his capabilities to offer healing to those who would encounter his on his path! Make sure to say hello and take the opportunity to align with your highest vibrations!

Dingoni (Eric Vadala)

Eric Vadala first began practicing meditation 7 years ago. He felt the change it brought about his being and a new found presence that brought him into peace. He began to apply this state of meditation to flow arts as well as other aspects of his life, later he found yoga. Yoga and meditation became a passion and driving force for Eric. Through yoga and meditation one thing we learn is how to “flow”. Once we tap into this “state of flow” anything is possible, once we learn to flow through life we can overcome all obstacles. Sound healing became another driving force for Eric on his yoga journey. He experienced the profound effect it had during deep states of relaxation and wanted to share it with others. With shamanic instruments like Didgeridoos and 432 HZ tuned crystal-singing bowls he guides his students through deep meditative energetic sound baths. Using yoga, meditation, and sound healing he helps his students to stay in shape mentally and physically, remain centered and aware, and take life to the next level. Eric is also one of the creators of an event called Universal Flow Gathering; this is an event dedicated to yoga, meditation, consciousness, and flow arts.  

Machu & Ani Clearmoon

Machu Matthew comes to the heart of reality to raise the vibration of consciousness on planet Earth. Masterfully playing his exquisitely hand made didgeridoos is his dharmic forte in which he offers a direct plug into the immediate experience of presence. Also employing techniques of Tibetan throat singing, singing bowls, and other sounds of the spirit, he tantrically connects with the limitlessness of the empathic bio-continuum of shared experience. Ani Clearmoon is guided by Great Spirit, her Native American and Armenian heritage, herbalist studies, transcendental space holding, dream divination, yoga and more, is called and blessed to spread the healing arts to the altar of life and shower those who seek, with the gifts given to me. She will conduct the opening ceremony invoking the 7 directions and honoring the spirits of the land with tobacco blessings. 

Asha Kalka

Asha’s devote passion for healing and yoga has been shared with all spirits and beings encountered on her path. Her ability to connect the mind, body, and spirit by utilizing conscious breath and movement guides students into their deepest realms of the Divine. By surrendering to her highest-self she is able to guide others on the path of healing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. She has taught an integrative blend of restorative, hatha, and vinyasa flow classes since 2009. Asha’s embrace of her talents and skills continually have grown to include guided meditation, energy healing and 432hz sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls. Experience the journey of reconnecting with your truest-self as Asha awakens Prana Shakti to guide you into the beyond of peace, love, and surrender.

Enrique Pedroza (Sat Prakash Singh)

Trained as an instructor of Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and teaching at cities all-over California holding classes, retreats, & workshops in order to share the ineffable benefits that the constant practice of this sacred discipline gives to the Hispanic American community. Offering medicine music has become a powerful fusion with this practice where each instrument that played provokes a tremendous respect and devotion. Come get transported to other dimensions and divinities while experiencing them on the earthly plane.

Billy Bannon

Billy brings you the b.e.a.t.s. movement is to continuously develop the connection with ourselves and with one another by unifying the mind, body and spirit, as well as building the connection between individual and universal consciousness.We offer classes and workshops for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, health/fitness clubs, festivals and more…   Using a holistic approach, b.e.a.t.s. movement programs engage and elevate the mental, physical and emotional states of each participant by combining breathing exercises, yoga movements and guided meditation with writing, making music and dialogue. A unique, participatory experience, b.e.a.t.s. movement enriches the individual as well as the group as a whole, further cultivating the Balance, Energy, Awareness, Togetherness and Spirit within us and within one another while leaving people feeling more relaxed, refreshed, connected and expanded. B.e.a.t.s. movement was launched in December, 2012 by Billy Bannon.  Previously a successful college basketball coach, Billy is a yogi, a musician, a writer and a source of inspiration who maintains a passion to coach and serve.  In support of contributing to the greater good, b.e.a.t.s. movement was born…

Yoga Instructor & Healer Co-creations

From restorative, kundalini, yin, and vinyasa flows, yoga and sound healing work hand-in-hand!

Magnolia Rasak

Magnolia Rasak is a gifted yoga teacher, and holistic embodiment coach. She began teaching yoga in 2002, and her classes utilize the physical to cultivate a deep and playful exploration between mind, body, breath and spirit. As an intimacy coach, Magnolia interweaves her background in Tantra, meditation, pranayama, yoga to empower others in the discovery and embodiment of their most balanced self.  

Taraneh Sarrafzadeh

Taraneh seeks to provide an empowering and harmonizing practice for the body, mind, and spirit--to nurture each student’s OWN practice of yoga as a tool of self discovery.  I aim to maintain a safe space in each class for people to exist exactly as they are. Through the process of self discovery, yoga allows you to deepen your relationship with your Self and have a more honest relationship both within and with the universe around you. With this clarity, one is able to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. One is able to intentionally make space and fill it with love. This makes the soul smile and in turn spreads smiles to other souls.

Nikki Smithson

Yoga is finding complete bliss. Every movement, every breath, should be only about how it feels to you. Yes, alignment is key, but simply because proper alignment allows you to open up in ways you may have never dreamed even possible. Yoga is about listening to our body with complete compassion, love and grace in order to understand who we are. Yoga is an opportunity to discover how to free our minds, open our hearts, and simply let go. The vision I have for my students is to use the space we create for self-discovery and healing

Ambika Daniella Cotreau

 Ambika Daniella Cotreau is the founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School and the practice of Body Temple Yoga™. She navigates from a passionate clarity that sees the Body as a Temple of the Heart, personal growth, healing, evolution, a connection to the Divine, and Intuitive guidance. She is dedicated to teaching how to live with a connection to the Heart, the body’s innate intelligence and intuitive knowing and to use them regularly in life. She inspires others to live a life completely aligned with one’s truth and Heart. She is a yoga instructor, writer, Sound Healer and Intuitive. She is known for her infectious enthusiasm, warm and loving demeanor, is generous in her offerings and teachings and is an inspiring role model and mentor for many who cross her path. She is currently based in Los Gatos, California, has been teaching yoga for over 13 years and has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. She leads Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainings Programs, Sound Healing Immersion workshopsYoga Retreats and Month Long Intensives, all nationally and internationally.

Kundalini Vibes (Sina Siar & Heather Powers)

​In our modern age, we are witnessing the explosion of technology and availability of information at the touch of our fingers. With such advancement, our consciousness is being bombarded with massive amount of information. With yoga, you will gain the technology to become more present, calm you monkey mind, dissolve your ego, and raising your vibrational frequency! We believe in self transcendence and the teaching intention aims to assist students with reaching their higher self.

Newton Campbell

Being an experienced/registered yoga teacher at the 200 level with over 13 years of teaching experience.  A Co-Principal of Triad Yoga & Pilates, Inc., my business partner and I have created one of the most successful and independent grass roots studios in Southern California.  Throughout this time, I’ve developed my own teaching style that is known throughout Orange County as “Fig Yoga.” Fig yoga, was created by my students during my earlier years of teaching.  This particular style of yoga incorporates deep breath work, spiritual undertone, and holding poses for long periods of time to intensify the experience of each pose. The classes require unyielding mental discipline and focus while increasing physical strength. There are many of the regular hatha yoga poses, but arm balance sequences and inversions are a typical part of this practice.

Gretchen Karma

Certified yoga instructor Gretchen Karma teaches a variety of styles including Hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative, Kundalini, and even kids yoga! Her fun, light-hearted classes are based on mindfulness and giving loving attention to your Self, while giving the body exactly what it needs. Gretchen first got into yoga to get in shape while pursuing modeling. Since realizing the profound effect of yoga in her life, she developed a passion for yoga she LOVES to share!

Sabrina Riccio

Sabrina Riccio, a medicine priestess, soulistic alchemist, podcast host and speaker. I've heard the call to help serve the greatest good by embracing + sharing the light of the world. Blessed with the Spiritual Name Shiv Inder Kaur, my dharma is to help transcend negativity and generate a new world by embracing God’s Light through Divine Consciousness.

Laurel Brooke

Laurel currently lives, teaches yoga, and inspires others through philanthropy, event production, and graphic design in Los Angeles, CA. She is a free spirited lover of the arts, especially music, and can often be found teaching yoga around the world on her International Retreats. Laurel has also taught at many prominent festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Oregon Eclipse, Genius Loci, Tropical Oasis, Desert Hearts and Burning Man. In 2015, she founded and created Gravitate Gathering, and produced I.G. Getaway and in 2016 Laurel co-produced the first Yoga Restival, a micro festival and retreat that focused on restorative yoga, healing and music.

Danielle Vaden Barre

Danielle was born with a yoga seed planted in her heart. Through meandering down the wild roads of life, this seed was nurtured and filled with growth. Not knowing to call this seed “yoga” until her 2001 when she wondered into a class after 9/11. Looking for meaning, purpose & love, she went deep into her practice on and off the mat. Having a back surgery in 2008, her practice took on a whole new meaning of healing. Danielle is devoted to encourage students to move from their hearts, healing themselves physically and energetically, removing veils of maya (illusion) that we are not enough, all while creating space for students personal growth towards their highest self. Through asana’s, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, union, surrender and laughter, Danielle guides her public classes to motivate each practitioner to get lost in the moment, becoming fully present in order to spread their wings. Offering a safe environment with knowledge of both western and eastern anatomy. Each class is unique and taught from her heart for the benefit of her students; Filled with playful, both traditional & unique transitions & challenging asanas.

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda is an accomplished Yogini, Kirtan leader, world traveller, and activist/activator. Her classes contain a playful and dynamic mixture of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, moving meditation, Yin, and spontaneous movement all inspired by the spirit of Bhakti Yoga, or the path of devotion. Classes support students in cultivating a more loving and fulfilling relationship with self/source/spirit. She studied at the Bhakti Yoga Shala with Govind Das in 2010. Most recently Amanda traveled to India in 2014 where she stayed Temples and Ashrams, immersed herself in devotional service and spent time in the company of Sadhus and Yogis. ​ Currently Amanda is based out of Santa Barbara, and teaches at DiviniTree Yoga and Arts Center where she leads weekly yoga classes. Amanda can also be found leading Kirtan with Jacob Duran and their band Kalākar at yoga and music festivals world wide.

Mark Quijano

I believe that yoga is for everyone, students must find the style and teacher that resonates with them. I strive to fill my class with warm inviting inclusive energy that creates a positive and uplifting space for students to play and grow. I like to challenge students to exceed their potential and at the same time maintaining a safe environment. My goal is to have students leaving the class with a more open body, clearer mind, and nourished soul.  His teaching is very alignment focused with emphasis on understanding the biomechanics that go on in our bodies to make student’s practice more enjoyable and safe. Mark like to  with fun, energetic, and intense sequences that have students feeling great when they leave my class.

Steven Todd Smith

I love seeing people living their happiest, healthiest lives.  Whether it's through nutrition, personal growth-based plans, giving & receiving, a playful approach to everything, exercise and fitness, Reiki, or, optimally, a balance between all of the above, you deserve your best life now. If you are feeling stuck, wishing to more successfully attract your goals, or looking for an easy way to rest, relax, and revitalize your mind and health, you've come to the right place.  Reiki For Creative Minds can provide you with the needed boost and energy to take your pursuits, passions, and intentions to the next level. Welcome to your Creative Energy Revolution.


Gali Levi McClure

Gali has been studying and practicing Yoga & Meditation for a decade. She completed her RYT 200 hour Multi-Style teacher training in Dharamshala, India, and received her B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience from San Jose State University. Collaborating with schools, studios, Pain clinics,  individuals , and corporate classes in the Bay Area,  Gali aspire to share the benefits and joy of Yoga for a healthier, and happier lifestyle.  She has been working with communities, and non-profits around the world to integrate Yoga and Meditation into educational programs and curricula. 


Jenn Parma

Jenn worked in Health and Fitness for about 10 years before discovering the practice of Yoga. She started to do yoga as another form of exercise, but quickly realized it was much more than physical exercise. Yoga taught her to love her body, her mind and spirit in a way she never knew possible. She discovered she could find the same peace and presence in her own body that she experienced in mother nature. Her career made a shift, she wanted to share this connection, this inward beauty, this union “yoga” with her community. Jenn Winzenried was given the Sanskrit name Parma by Baba Hari Dass, master yogi at Mount Madonna Center.  Parma means “Highest Divine Power”.  It was through the teachings of Baba Hari Dass and his senior teachers that Jenn began to be guided and trust in her highest divine power, the truth that resides within each of us.