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“Shane’s knowledge and detail to the anatomy of the body is second to none. His intuitive touch combined with his wide range of experience sharing in bodywork over the years has made his healing sessions something I just have to keep coming back for! I would highly recommend his healing to anyone he encounters!” - Ava

“What can I say? When I want someone to touch me, the only person that ever comes to mind is Shane. He seriously knows how to find my trouble areas within minutes. He carries a gentle touch with the adaptability to strongly shift the body’s energy to a state of relaxation. If you are looking to be healed, look no further!” - Fred

“Looking for a massage? Go to Massage Envy. Looking to be healed…..go to Shane! I was recommended by a friend to get some bodywork from him, and at first I was skeptical about how well he could deal with my chronic issues. I’ve dealt with my problems for years with very few people ever having success working thru the issues. After 3 consecutive sessions with Shane, I nearly cried because of how much he was able to help me. Don’t ever stop at a chance of receiving healing from this beautiful light! You won’t regret it!” - Barbara

“Shane has a remarkable sense of intuition and response to how the body talks to him. I was really taken aback by the way he could tap into what I was feeling and being able to gauge the level of strength and gentleness I needed for my healing experience. He combined energy work, sound waves, crystals, aromas, and touch to create this multi-sensory experience that I will never forget.” - Susan

"I've always had trouble believing in myself and taking a risk to do what I always wanted to do in life. After meeting Shane and seeing another human being rising in love with his passionate drive and artistic expression, I just knew I had to spend more time getting to know this person. Shane is truly a gift in all that he shares and his dedication to offer his healing to the world. If you ever get a chance to even be near him, go say hello! He brings such a warm and peaceful vibe everywhere he goes and I look forward to the next time I get to connect with him." - Leila