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"Shane provides excellent customer service and helps guide you thru what your heart is truly desiring. His knowledge and expertise on sound healing instruments is absolutely stunning, and he was a pleasure to work with! Would recommend to anyone seeking the sounds to contact him!" - Eric

"I was having the hardest time figuring out what sound healing instruments called to me, and Shane's assistance helped me discover exactly what I was looking for. There's so many options out there, and Shane has seen every angle of the spectrums to know how to assist you in finding your calling! A great balance of intention, professionalism, and honesty, I will definitely be back for more instruments in the future!" - Carole

"Shane has been on this path for 6 years, and his experience using so many different sound tools has really given him a leg up in his ability to understand vibration. How he brings that expertise to his clients, combined with his sense of care, understanding, and compassion, makes for a really positive experience with his path. Support him and he'll support you!" - Michelle

"Professionalism, support, and business mindful. These are the words that come to mind when working with Shane. He's been of the greatest help explaining the differences between all the gongs, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, chimes, and how their harmonics work. Can't wait to get my next set of bowls from him!" - Ali