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"I don't think you can say you've had a true sound bath until you lay down in front of this man. Shane is not your average bowl spinner. He truly understands the art and power of sound and has an incredibly sensitive ear. Shane will make you experience energy, you will feel it in a totally different way. Once the session was over it finally clicked ... sound bath... that's what it felt like, being washed, rocked and cleanse by wave upon wave of different intensity. Magical and powerful. Truly." - Gloria

"I've tried many modalities and the sound healing has definitely been something that's broken through some of my healing barriers. The 432Hz has its way of melting through some body tension and emotional & energy stagnation. It's a useful addition to add to your self-healing journey. Don't take my word for it, test it out yourself with an open-mind." - Jonathan

"Shane is powerful, deeply intuitive and succinct in his delivering of the crystal bowl metacine. Prepare for spiritual, emotional amd mental breakthroughs, celebrations of the Spirit and to feel your soul resonate and unite with the Universe." - Rachel

"I first met Shane at the end of 2013 when he became an intern in my chiropractic office. Since that time I have watched him flourish in the community. He is extremely dedicated to serving others through the holistic arts such as massage and sound healing. His intuition is backed by over 1000 hours of massage training and he continues to expand his knowledge through seminars and conferences’ highly recommend Shane and Metacine to anyone who is willing to journey toward better health." - Elizabeth

"I experienced a literal shift in my vibration, during one of Shane's sound baths. It has been life changing, and was a catalyst for me to continue on my path of healing. Pure bliss. Very awakening and encouraging. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to meet themselves in a new light and undo the effects caused to the spirit from the societal norm. I'm extremely grateful for the push I have been given." - Chelle

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