Facebook Live Transmission – Shane Thunder & Elias North & Kadijaa’ Maa

432hz Sound Healing @ Love Temple West Hollywood, CA w/ Elias North and Kadijaa'Maa! Tune in and check this transmission! Experimenting with new mic and lense! Comment below the quality of the sounds :). please skip to 1:00hr for full performance and sound

Posted by Shane Chunephisal on Monday, February 27, 2017

Noise Revolt: Bernie Sanders fundraiser

Noise Revolt: Revolution (recap video)

Thank you all for helping us push forward the momentum of Bernie Sanders campaign throgh our fundraiser and voter registration drive. Heres a recap of the beautiful night we created together! In case you missed it, The DJ List wrote a fantastic review of the evening: For Resonating With Us!If you're in San Diego April 30th, join us for TechGnomes at Kavalounge SD!RSVP:

Posted by Noise Revolt on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cohearence Project @ Shakti Festival 2016

Facebook Live Transmission – Avatara Levine, Daniel Crosser, & Mehow Powers (please skip to about 10 mins)

432hz Sound Activation Spiritual Relating experience @ the love temple! Avatara Levine Daniel Crosser Michal Powers Elias North!

Posted by Shane Chunephisal on Monday, November 6, 2017